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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our first issue of Observing Differently for 2019.

We were delighted to have “freshly minted” ontological coaches graduate from our programs in Australia, South Africa and the USA at the end of 2018 and the beginning of this year. It is heartening to witness the work they are already doing in organisations and the community as they provide tangible benefits and significant value for others. One of these people is Conor O’Malley, who has written our feature article for this month.

The Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program (COCLP) has recently commenced in South Africa and commences in Hong Kong and the USA in the second half of the year.

“This is not simply a coaching course or a leadership course. It is an experience in wisdom. I have walked away from this course with more than only ‘knowing’ about coaching or leadership. I apply my ontological learning to every aspect of my personal and professional life on a daily basis. Through the incredibly patient and supportive approach from those who lead it, this course has given me so much, whilst simultaneously preparing me for so much more. It is not only an in-depth coaching course; it is a course that could very easily, significantly and permanently change society’s understanding of how leadership and life can be approached.”
Deanne Duncombe, IT Manager, Canberra, Australia

I’m delighted to announce that the online program Bringing Ontological Coaching to Life (for those who have already done an ontological course), facilitated by Ian Higginbottom from Canberra, is running again this year commencing on April 9 (Australian Eastern Standard Time). For details and enrolment visit the Reflecting Power website

“This program was a great way for me to reengage with some of the core principles of ontological coaching and to do so in the company of other practitioners. I loved the interaction with others and the sharing of the application of the learning.”
Jeremy Stunt, Ontological Coach, UK

And finally, we come to this month’s article. Conor O’Malley, a graduate from last year’s COCLP, shares a remarkable 12-month journey of change in his personal and professional life, which I think makes for interesting reading, that was an integral part of his COCLP experience.

Until our next issue...

Very best wishes,

Alan Sieler


A year in review – two Ontological Coaching semesters done, one to go!
By Conor O'Malley


Conor acted on advice to write a review of his development since he left the corporate world just before he commenced COCLP in July 2017. Here are Conor’s comments on the significant changes he made in important aspects of his Way of Being and relationships, as well as developing his coaching practice and his approach to leadership development.

Changing my life circumstances

From leaving leadership in the supply chain and logistics world, which is ostensibly all I have done career wise since 1988 when I left university, to becoming a coach, mentor and leadership facilitator, supporting others make wise choices – quite a year.

I have created a personal maxim of ‘making wise choices’ and professionally using it as a framework and methodology for those I work with to support them ‘make wise choices’ for themselves.

A year of change? Absolutely. I can say I am more satisfied ‘with my lot’ in life both personally in my relationships and professionally by coming to realise (albeit a little late) that you define your own success, it is not defined for you by others. We write our narrative in our own listening to our emotions, our body and the dialogue in our heads. Success is not linear and it is certainly not defined by the ‘pips on your shoulder’ – it is more how you are true to yourself and those around you. It is this that enables me to support those I work with every day.

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Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action

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Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action

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The Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program

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This program has received ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) status from the International Coach Federation.

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