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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our third issue of Observing Differently for the year.

In this issue I am delighted to share an insightful article by my Melbourne colleague Mark Raymond. As on ontological coaching graduate who completed the 18-month program 16 years ago, Mark has built a very successful coaching and consulting practice. He recently posted a lovely comment on how much he has gained from doing the program.

"Coaching that sticks … Earlier this week, I met with a coaching client. Whilst just as busy as last year, he looked like he was handling it better. He confirmed this: "I’m good. I’ve got more tools to deal with things". Early on in our work, he was sceptical - he had tried other coaches but they hadn’t worked".

"His remarks reminded me of what happened when I attended a coaching workshop run by Newfield Institute in 2004. A number of coaching people I had been exposed to prior were the big personality types – mainly men, leather braces, charismatic speakers, and big on the sizzle. The problem was that soon after the workshop, I wouldn’t have anything practical I could apply. It was a bit like drinking a cocktail - good while it lasts, then nothing".

"I was I was expecting something similar when I rocked up to the Newfield workshop, until I met Alan Sieler. He wasn’t wearing braces, but what he had was a set of tools and skills that stayed with me and that work, that I've been applying for the last 12 years".

If you would like to experience a substantive practical introductory coverage, or "taster", of the ontological approach to coaching and leadership that Mark is referring to, our foundation workshop is being offered for Asia, South Africa, North America and Europe and the UK between June and August (see dates below). And if the possibility of engaging in the 18-month program holds some appeal for you, the next one is commencing in Asia at the end of November, South Africa in February next year, with plans for a March start to another EU & UK program.

Mark’s to-the-point article is a perceptive and novel perspective on leadership effectiveness, team success and organisational improvement. Mark writes from a wealth of experience in applying the ontological methodology to these areas. What he shares is good common sense, but unfortunately is rarely common practice. I think you will find this an enlightening read.

Until the next issue ... very best wishes.

Alan Sieler


Accountability and Care - An Unlikely Coupling
By Mark Raymond

At my first meeting with a client recently, he talked about how difficult it was to get some members of his team to perform at the required level. He wasn’t sharing this view with his team, so he felt like he wasn’t being straight with them. He was becoming frustrated with himself and his team.

Mistakes that he once might have accepted were causing him more irritation and making him miss the many positive contributions his team were making. The flow on effect was that his team was sensing his irritation and not feeling appreciated. He cared deeply about his team, which was causing him to feel conflicted about holding them to account.

His story is a familiar one. Many leaders find it difficult to instil a culture of accountability and care. Both are critical for team success and engagement.

Accountability and care might seem like an odd coupling, but there is a growing desire in organisations to genuinely care for people (even more so in the pandemic) and to also respectfully hold people to account for their performance.

How can you build a culture where you have both care and accountability?

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ASIA (Online)
• 11, 15 & 17 June 2021

SOUTH AFRICA (In-person)
• Cape Town 20 - 22 April 2021
• Johannesburg 26 - 28 July 2021

• Six half days - 19, 21, 24, 26, 28 & 30 August 2021

EUROPE and UK (Online)
• To be announced

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• Next program commences at the end of November 2021

• Next program commences early February 2022

EUROPE and UK (Online)
• Next program commences in early 2022

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This program has received ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) status from the International Coach Federation.

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