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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our fourth issue of Observing Differently for the year.

While the COVID circumstances that have been forced upon us have provided many inconvenient challenges, we are delighted with the success of our experiential and in-depth online programs. We do not regard our online courses as virtual experiences – they are actual experiences that directly touch on our perceptions, thoughts, communication, emotional experiences and physiology.

We now have four months of invaluable experience behind us running our courses online, having run the different conferences in our 18-month program and our three-day foundation workshop in Australia and South Africa. We are greatly gratified by highly favourable comments from participants in the 10 online experiences we have run to date.

Our foundation workshop - Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action – is being offered online in South Africa, UK & Europe and Asia (see dates and details below).

“A wonderful experience and the depth of the workshop was excellent. I thought it was excellent for personal growth, and for coaching and facilitating. I am a master coach with the ICF, but the ontological coaching approach seems much more integrated, and better quality. I am already applying it in my work in career coaching and in coaching middle management. What particularly resonated were the whole area of the body and the importance of not making presumptions.”
Deborah Kinkead, Senior Manager, Telecommunications Company

The in-depth 18-month Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program commences in Switzerland in early March 2021 (see dates and details below). We have the flexibility to run this program either in-person or online, depending on what the COVID situation allows with international travel. Brochures for this course and the three-day workshop are available here.

I am excited this month to bring you a beautifully written article by one of our South African graduates, Claudia Boers. Cape Town based, Claudia runs a very successful coaching practice and she has written a perceptive and deeply thoughtful article on what I consider to be our most powerful mood – Acceptance. Much is rightly made of the importance of mental health these days and one invaluable contribution of the ontological approach is the crucial role of moods in our mental and emotional wellbeing. I think that Claudia’s article is a significant contribution to highlighting the importance of moods, which I anticipate you will gain a lot from reading.

Until next time ...

Best wishes

Alan Sieler


Accepting Acceptance as a Powerful Action
By Claudia Boers

I have something rather un-coach-like to confess. I’ve resisted the idea of acceptance as a powerful action for the longest time. Whenever I heard or read about acceptance being a way to find peace and take care of challenges in the most optimal way, it kind of made sense, but not really. Acceptance still felt more like a cop-out, some sort of passive rolling over, than a strategic course of action. Fortunately, after much thinking, reading and chatting about it - and more importantly, starting to practice it - I’ve finally gotten my head around the agency you gain by accepting something you can’t change. I wanted to share some of the key ideas that helped me get there in case you’re also struggling to accept acceptance.

Acceptance feels more relevant than ever right now

Every other article I read at the moment seems to offer some sort of acceptance-based theme. I think it’s because the complexity and uncertainty of our times is offering us an unparalleled invitation to learn to accept things that are beyond our control. We’re all being affected by so many issues outside our sphere of direct influence that one of the few productive actions we have within our power is practicing acceptance. If you’re still unconvinced by acceptance, then I appreciate that last statement might have a whiff of feebleness about it. This is the problem with acceptance - if you’re unacquainted with it, it can seem feeble.

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