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Alan Sieler

Welcome to our fifth issue of Observing Differently for the year.

We continue to be gratified by the significant shifts people make for themselves through their involvement in our ontological coach training around the world. This occurs not only during the training but also afterwards as they self-generate changes and experience continued learning. As one graduate has remarked, "Ontology is the gift that keeps on giving". And perhaps most gratifying is how our graduates apply their learning in the support of others – not only through professional roles and in their own businesses, but also in family life and friendships.

Our foundation workshop - Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action – is being offered online in South Africa, UK & Europe and Asia (see dates and details below).

"Was it worth it? There is no money in the world that could make me go back in time and undo the experience of this workshop! It was not just a learning experience but a very healing one too. Every minute, all content and every detail, wording and intonation all contributed to an experience that took learning to a deeper level then I ever experienced. As a clinical psychologist, Gestalt therapist, NLP trained and co-active coach (PCC) I’m not exactly new to the field of coaching and training. I can definitely advice anyone who wants to integrate earlier learning on a deepening level to join this workshop and potentially the longer program after that (as I did) to finally integrate all insights in the own personal way of being."
John van Roij, Executive Coach and Organisational Facilitator, Netherlands

The in-depth 18-month Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program commences in Switzerland in March 2021 (see dates and details below). We have the flexibility to run this program either in-person or online, depending on what the COVID situation allows with international travel. Brochures for this course and the three-day workshop are available here.

"The Ontological Coaching Program is one of the best and most intense programs I have done so far. It is valuable for every coach and trainer and provides helpful concepts, methods and techniques. Especially the concept of our way of being, helped me to develop myself and my way of coaching. I can’t imagine to not work on all three levels (language, body and emotions) anymore. For people who are motivated and willing to study and to practice every week, this is the program I would recommend. It will change your life and it will help you to become more successful in whatever you want to achieve."
Stefanie Thies, Executive Coach and Coach Trainer, Düsseldorf, Germany

And now to this month’s article ... I am delighted to bring you a very thoughtful and enlightening piece of writing from one of my colleagues in the USA, Steve Dorn from San Francisco. As an ontological coach and consultant, Steve shares the relevance of how an ontological approach for facilitating organisational change through learning to learn can position us to take advantage of how the current COVID situation provides a new space for self-reflection and invention. I think you will find this an illuminating read.

Until next time ...

Best wishes

Alan Sieler


Coronavirus and Learning to Learn
By Steve Dorn

The Coronavirus has added a new layer of disruption - and bewildering context - to a world already entangled in rapid and often high-stakes change. While most of us recognize that certainty is never a given, we still would like to feel as if what we know, what we’re good at, and what we believe in, will be sufficient for creating and maintaining a viable future for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities and our planet.

However, in this new world, our old ways of thinking, doing and believing will be useful only if we can adapt ourselves to new situations and contexts emerging around us right now. If we choose to accept and engage with the new realities facing us, then for the sake of learning to be effective with new challenges, we must also accept we are "beginners" again. We can, of course, choose how we’re going to play. We can deny our beginner-ness, shut down and turn away, or we can lean in to the unknown emerging reality. As Otto Scharmer (Theory U) writes, we can "freeze" in our current thinking and reaction to the situation, deny reality and blame others for our troubles, or we can let go, and turn toward our new reality and embrace it – both individually and collectively. We have the choice to commit ourselves to learning together and being open to not knowing how we can generate a shared future that serves all of us more effectively. From an ontological perspective, the coronavirus opens a new space for self-reflection and reinvention.

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The Ontological Coaching Institute operates as the Newfield Institute in Australia and New Zealand. Ontological programs also run in the USA through EFL Seminars.




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