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Alan Sieler

Welcome to the final issue of Observing Differently for 2017.

As we approach the end of the year it is gratifying to reflect on the many workshops and programs that have been run in not only Australia, but also, under the business name of Ontological Coaching Institute, in South Africa, Europe and the UK, Asia and the USA. I feel very grateful to have talented ontological colleagues on all of the continents mentioned, who are deeply committed to continually improving their ability to have the power of the ontological approach be readily accessible for a wide range of people.

With the recent commencement of the 18 month ICF certified coaching program in the USA, the imminent start of the program in Hong Kong in March, the next program commencing in Australia in July, as well as in Europe in September, next year holds the promise of some exciting developments.

Our article for this issue is written by Jenni Paradowski, who runs her coaching practice in Canberra, Australia. Jenni’s article illustrates a brilliant application of the ontological methodology for working with a client’s limiting stories in relation to career development, which resulted in the client:

  • generating an important shift in their Way of Being;
  • reducing existential dissonance; and
  • opening the way for the development a powerful story of the future that they could step into and begin to live.

Jenni’s coaching is a wonderful illustration of the versatility of Ontological Coaching, which I am sure you will enjoy reading.

Very best wishes for a safe and enjoyable December and January. We look forward to bringing you our first newsletter for next year in February.

Best wishes,

Alan Sieler


Stories, Narratives and the Ontological Approach in Career Coaching
By Jenni Paradowski

Jenni Paradowski

Jenni commences a report of a highly effective coaching session by writing, “Careers occur within the greater stories and narratives of our lives in which we find meaning.”


My coachee, “Keira” is a woman in her mid-thirties who was working as a team leader in a large government department. She was a high performer who was clearly capable of moving into middle management within the next few years – if she chose to do so. Keira wanted coaching to help her gain clarity about her career goals and what to include in her development plan for the coming 12 months. Unfortunately, she had some very unhelpful stories that were blocking her way forward.

An old movie

Keira described one story she was living in as if it was an old, noir movie (noir is French for black or dark). The lead role in the movie was a domineering woman: a strong-willed family matriarch. The secondary character was the woman’s strong and capable son, who was a loving husband and good provider for his large family. Also prominent were the son’s three young daughters, who were bright and talented.

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