Coaching to the Human Soul – Volume I

There is a profound need for books of this nature, and coaches who coach at the level of excellence that is explored in Coaching to the Human Soul. This book sets the benchmark for all coaching books, and it is a high bar. For anyone who endeavours to be a better communicator, be it in the domain of coaching, leadership or relationships, Coaching to the Human Soul is a must have.

Christine McDougall
Master Certified Coach
Past President International Coach Federation Australia

Coaching to the Human Soul is the easiest and best read in this field – simple and well laid out – which means it’s extremely good to give to others who are interested to know more about Ontological Coaching. We use it as a priority textbook in our Coaching Course. I’m not aware of any other source which covers with such a "deep cut" the common technologies of speaking & listening. This is a new frontier in exploring those technologies. Buy it and read it as soon as you can – it’s an extraordinary tool!

Graham Taylor
Executive Coach, Coach Trainer and Organisational Consultant
Perth, Australia

In times when we have erroneously equated knowing with having information, our epistemology has become soulless. Alan Sieler’s book is a wonderful articulation of a different path, where the question of what is being human is at the core of the adventure of learning and knowing. Ontological Coaching, that practice that I have dedicated my life to, comes alive in this book. Great reading.

Julio Olalla
President, Newfield Network Inc.
Co-developer of Ontological Coaching

This book is a must for anyone wishing to empower others or lead in bringing about fundamental change in their organisations. The reader is offered a powerful and well-grounded interpretation of the nature of being human, which can open new pathways for action and unprecedented results. This is a book for those not satisfied with quick-fixes and easy answers, but are looking for theoretical foundation and associated practices for effecting and sustaining meaningful change – in themselves and in their workplace.

Jim Selman
CEO, Paracomm Partners International
United States

Alan Sieler has done a great job of taking a set of very powerful learning concepts and making them accessible and useful for the reader. Ontological Coaching is a powerful force in creating lasting change. This book is an important read not only for those in the coaching profession but also for anyone interested in increasing their own capacity to produce change – personally and professionally.

Terrie Lupberger, Master Certified Coach
CEO, Newfield Network Inc.

We use the book as a required text in our Coaching program. It is the best written and published piece on the Ontological approach that I have seen. It has depth and rigour AND is readable and accessible. I have great confidence in referring to it. It is very useful for getting a handle on the theory and practice of Ontological Coaching. I strongly recommend it.

Michael Prince
Director, Coach School
Perth, Australia

Coaching to the Human Soul – Volume II

Volume II of Coaching to the Human Soul is an essential resource for any coach committed to doing serious work with clients. The author clearly presents a proven methodology that can quickly and deeply shift seemingly intractable client breakdowns. Rich in accessible examples and generous in references for further study, Alan Sieler's book is a foundational text in the emerging discipline of coaching.

James Flaherty
Author of Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others
Director, New Ventures West
United States

Alan’s second volume is not simply a book for coaching specialists, although they will find it immensely valuable, but for all of us seeking effective ways of meeting the complex challenges of the 21st century. Thanks to Alan’s work, people will be able to see that Ontological Coaching provides an invaluable opportunity for learning how to create successful individual lives and well-functioning families, communities and organisations.

Peter Shotton
Founder and Managing Director, Amago
United Kingdom

In this volume, Alan eloquently demonstrates the indispensable role of emotions and moods in deep change, developing a meaningful life and for creating better communities and organisations. He challenges us to “walk the talk” in understanding and applying emotions to our every day living and learning. People in leadership roles challenged by the demands of modern life and work will benefit enormously by reading and applying the emotional wisdom Alan conveys in a practical and relevant way.

Dennis Jackson
Executive Coach and Co-founder, Nirvana Consulting
South Africa

Alan Sieler’s second volume of Coaching to the Human Soul is a must read. He again demonstrates a rare ability to combine a level of accessible theory with practical applications, this time focusing on moods and emotions. Alan provides a considerably expanded, deeper and highly practical understanding of the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Alan’s two volumes on Ontological Coaching are the clearest, most accessible and practical published material available on the ontological approach and provide a rich source of personal and professional learning.

Michael Prince
Director, Coach School
Perth, Western Australia

Alan Sieler has done it again! In his second volume of Coaching to the Human Soul he has taken difficult concepts from philosophy and biology and articulated them in a way that is practical and comprehensible. However, the book is not a theoretical or intellectual approach to emotions, it is participative; the reader gets the opportunity to experience his own emotional triggers through self-coaching exercises and reflective activities. This book is required reading for those that are committed to producing profound change in their clients.

Mark Taylor
President, TAYLOR Systems Engineering Corporation
United States

Alan Sieler’s new work brings forth the centrality of our emotional and physical natures if we are to breakthrough to the next level of human accomplishment. In Volume II of Coaching to the Human Soul, Alan provides invaluable distinctions for transforming how we relate to the emotional and somatic areas of our lives. By showing us what is closest to us that we ignore, this volume provides a powerful basis for mastering what is essential to succeed and thrive in this increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

Jim Selman
CEO, Paracomm Partners International
United States

My sincerest thanks for showing me how life can and should be lived.

Dean Cropley
United Kingdom

Coaching to the Human Soul – Volume III

In this stunning third volume of his work Alan brings together the next piece of the Way of Being jigsaw of Ontological Coaching. He has used his rigorous research skills exquisitely to provide practitioners and lay people with a sound theoretical foundation and practical skills about the relevance of biology and the body for profound learning and deep change. This includes skilfully weaving knowledge gained from his extensive coaching experience with the insights and wisdom of great masters in the somatic realm.

Lyn Traill,
Director of Traill Blaze Communications

This book understands in a beautiful and coherent way the integral part of biology in coaching, and the art and science of conversations that are the generator of cultural worlds as realities in our living and living together, and as the dynamic that gives rise to spaces of well-being and ill-being that in the end guide our living and living together. The present book also represents in the world of organizations a new vision that takes into account the cultural transition that we live in the present, focusing on the cultural diversity inside organizations that in the modern world is the natural medium of coexistence in which the living of people happens as human beings.

Ximena Davila and Humberto Maturana
Co-founders Matriztic School of Santiago, Chile


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