Our coaches and consultants are all qualified Ontological Practitioners, having graduated from the nationally accredited Graduate Diploma of Ontological Coaching. This is backed by extensive leadership and management experience in a wide range of organisational and business settings.

Alan SielerAlan Sieler

Alan is the founder and Director of the Ontological Coaching Institute. As a world leader in ontological coaching he has written extensively on the relevance of Ontology to living, working, learning and coaching. His professional experience in education, training and consulting is extensive, having worked with multinational corporations and national organisations from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and South Africa. Alan focuses on the communication processes that build a collaborative and high performance organisational culture. His work as a consultant, workshop leader and executive coach is solidly grounded and highly engaging.

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South Africa

Cape Town

Karen White – The Human Connection

The Human Connection

Karen WhiteKaren White worked in a corporate environment for 20 years, starting in an administrative role and ending in a senior management position. What characterised her success and promotion was a keen interest and love of learning, which was reflected in her leadership style and imbued all that she did. This attitude and approach continues tobe a key driver as a Coach and Leadership Development specialist.

Working with individuals, teams and organisations, she supports people to get the results they want, and enables them to be their best self, appreciating a purposeful and meaningful life. She has worked with blue chip companies locally, in Africa and internationally and is a Professional Certified Coach.

Since moving into coaching full time, Karen has built collaborative partnerships with key leaders in the coaching industry internationally in order to add value to the South African market place and to grow the skill and professionalism of coaching.


Julia Bonadei-Thorns – Wide Open Spaces

Wide Open Spaces

Julia Bonadei-ThornsJulia Bonadei-Thorns is the founder of Wide Open Spaces, a company that specialises in executive coaching and leadership development in Johannesburg, South Africa. Both a certified Integral Coach® and an Ontological Coach, Julia partners with leaders, managers and teams in organisations to enable them to improve performance and bring about meaningful, sustainable shifts both professionally and personally. She also facilitates workshops and designs leadership development programs, based on Ontological principles that address the strategic needs of teams and organisations and help to bring about positive and productive cultural shifts.  She contributes a wealth of commercial experience from her background in human resources and entrepreneurship.



The Netherlands

John van Roij – Inclusion


John van Roij
John is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He also holds master degrees in marketing and HRM and is an ICF Certified Coach (PCC) and NLP trainer. John was responsible for setting up the leadership and management development programs in several international companies, before he established Inclusion in 2007. With Inclusion he focuses on management talent development and coaching. He has a broad international experience, training and facilitating leadership and team development in many companies. His in-depth knowledge and experience in psychological processes, Emotional Intelligence and coaching  enable him to create insights, self-awareness and profound change in the individuals and teams he works with. John has a background in Ontological Coaching, NLP, Gestalt therapy, Co-active coaching, Solution Focused coaching, Deep Democracy and is accredited in a broad range of individual and team assessments and psychological assessments.


Hong Kong

MJ Jennings – Active Communication

Active Communication

MJ JenningsMJ Jennings is the Director of Training; and Executive Coach in her own business- Active Communication Limited, based in Hong Kong with offices in Singapore, and Europe.

She specialises in communication and is able to apply her business acumen, leadership and facilitation skills, mentoring both teams and individuals at all levels in the art of effective presentation and communication skills. Her approach is to develop communication, behaviour and performance skills for individuals and teams that are reflected in success. MJ has considerable experience in the Executive Coaching arena working with people at all levels of an organisation. MJ is a highly sought after coach and has trained TEDx speakers.

Some of her clients call her the ‘inspiration woman’ as she is able to reach inside and inspire others to rethink their communication style and behaviours. Her open, warm and fun communicative style easily builds rapport and understanding of many situations.

MJ has a well-rounded approach to working within any corporate, government or professional scene and knows what is required to motivate people, to get the best from their performance and personality, to drive success.

MJ brings a wealth of generalist human resource knowledge, experience and people skills spanning more than 12 years as a Human Resources Manager in Sydney Australia, for a number of organisations in various industries. These roles have all been dynamic and demanding. Her Master Degree studies reinforced her ability to be a strategic thinker with a hands-on approach that is demonstrated in her ability to get results.

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