Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action – What Participants say about the Workshop

What I now have is a coaching model that I can use with confidence because it speaks to our Way of Being. It feels like I went down a deeper level in terms of how emotions and moods show up in the coaching.

Lila Ukabhai
Business Analyst Competency Manager, Sanlam

The 3 days were incredibly practical and I felt myself shift from wanting to understand the philosophy to practical application. Thank you for your honesty, warmth and humility. I learned a lot in watching you coach others and the work you did with me today has created a significant shift. You definitely demonstrate mastery and are masterful in the way you coach.

Roland Cox
Professional Coach

The Coaching in Action workshop left me with an integrated concept and experience of ontological coaching. Alan has taken a complex subject and distilled it into its essence in a way that is easy to understand and has broad practical application - there is a simplicity and depth to the way in which he works with language, emotion/mood and the body which is incredibly profound and yet accessible.

I have been on a lot of training courses, but can honestly say that my ontological experience stands out the most.

Lucy Gorman

I was aware of the existence of Ontological Coaching since 2007. But it was not before Alan offered the Coaching in Action workshop in South Africa that I decided to travel half the world to join this program. Was it worth it? There is no money in the world that could make me go back in time and undo this experience! It was not just a learning experience but a very healing one too. Every minute, all content and every detail, wording and intonation all contributed to an experience that took learning to a deeper level then I ever experienced.

John van Roij
Inclusion, Netherlands

The biggest WOW for me is how immediately I started to make specific internal shifts in myself at a new and deeper level.

After many years of both being dedicated to doing the work of transformation and being exposed to some stunning top drawer leadership material, the combination of the integrated nature of Ontological Coaching, the many clear and varied distinctions in the work and the subtle and profound depth of the invitation to "observe differently" in order to make the changes, has expanded my awareness of the range of internal work possible and has left me both excited and super keen to deepen my personal practice at many levels plus integrate the tools and practices into my consulting work.

Vicky Coates
Consultant and Coach
Cape Town, South Africa

It was money and time well spent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The methodology and philosophy really resonated with me, substantiating that this is not a ‘touchy feely’ model but gets to the heart of how businesses function. I am really fired up and passionate about it.

Paul Larkin
Internal Consultant, Global Oil Company

Alan was wonderful and the depth of the workshop was excellent.  I thought it was excellent for personal growth, and for coaching and facilitating. I am a master coach with the ICF, but the ontological coaching approach seems much more integrated, and better quality.

Deborah Kinkead
Senior Manager, Telecommunications Company

It was really, really good, one of the best couple of days I have ever done. I found the distinctions in language and moods invaluable and have applied these already in my coaching work with alliance groups.

James Koan
Consulting Company


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