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What is
Ontological Coaching

Ontological Coaching Institute coaches and consultants have been working with significant and measurable success since 1996 with leaders and managers in Australia, Asia, South Africa, Europe, the UK and USA.

Using the Ontological Coaching approach we facilitate conversations that lead to significant improvements in:

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Individual performance

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Team performance

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Innovative thinking

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Leadership effectiveness

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Individual wellbeing

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Culture change

Our consultants bring a fresh, new and well-grounded approach to facilitating transformation for leaders, managers, teams and business units. Ontology provides a robust change methodology for focusing on the invisible and unacknowledged business process that drives business improvement and cultural transformation.

Our approach is based on a key question

| Do the conversations in your organisation produce value or do they produce waste? |

Conversational waste can be an organisational virus that includes poor listening, arrogant expression of opinions, unhelpful gossip, political maneuvering, destructive use of email, irrelevant discussions, ineffective meetings, and unclear directions and memos.

Conversational waste is a significant barrier to organisational change and improvement.

The invisible process that is at the heart of the efficient functioning of organisations and their effective change is conversations and commitments. Our unique business improvement and change methodology is the Conversational Technology for Business Improvement (CTBI).

Language and conversations are the fundamental means by which people in organisational life get things done and create the future.

Conversational Technology for Business Improvement (CTBI) contains a readily applicable skill set that enable the development of improved conversational habits and the significant reduction of conversational waste. CTBI enables the development of a new set of fundamental business practices that are central to developing a high performance organisational culture of commitment and collaboration.

“Thanks for the inspiration. I think the principles, tools and skills you conveyed were extremely relevant, practical and timely given the challenges we face as an organisation over the coming years.

I really liked your perspective that the flow of conversations, relationships and commitments within and around an organisation should be considered a critical business process and should contribute value rather than waste.

I thoroughly enjoyed the program and that's saying something as I have been through a number of sessions (with previous employers) attempting to achieve similar objectives.”

Senior Manager, Gold Coast City Council, Queensland, Australia

Using the Conversational Technology for Business Improvement our skilled consultants enable leaders and managers to act from a new perceptual space. This frees their thinking so that they can be more resourceful and constructively influential with those they lead and deliver more satisfactory results.

Learn more about

  • Our specific coaching methodology, called Ontological Coaching, which is an innovative, highly effective approach to Executive Coaching.

  • Our specific technology for transforming organisational culture by leveraging the power of workplace conversations as a core business process (see "Conversational Technology for Business Improvement" in Articles and Case Studies).

For further information, or to arrange an interview with one of our consultants, please

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