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Consulting & Executive Coaching

Facilitate significant change with the ontological approach

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Consulting and
Executive Coaching

We bring our finely tuned listening to your central concerns. All our work is tailored and targeted to your specific needs.

Working in partnership with you, Ontological Coaching Institute coaches and consultants identify what is working well and what is missing in the effective use of language, moods and conversations for better business outcomes.

Together we explore ways for crucial and critical conversations to occur in a trusting and respectful manner in your organisation. These collaborations result in a measurable growth in effective communication, reduction in waste and increased performance and productivity.

Power is the capacity for effective action. Conversation is an essential form of human action, for it is how things get done well and a constructive future is created. Let us help your leaders and teams become more constructively powerful.

Work 1:1 With Us

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Business Consulting

The source of nearly all organisational breakdowns and waste is ineffective coordination of action and poor communication. This stems from the absence of quality conversations. Conversational waste is a significant contributor to the inadequate functioning organisations.

We specialise in the application of a uniquely powerful and accessible skill set, to enable the development of constructive and productive conversations, which reduce waste and generate desired business outcomes.


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Executive Coaching

Our approach to coaching focuses on Way of Being as a crucial avenue for leadership development. Leaders and managers can only function from their Way of Being and through interacting with others. Way of Being is typically out-of-awareness, yet is the underlying driver of perceptions and the quality of workplace interactions.

Sensitively coaching to Way of Being can result in transformational learning and deep change, which is often required to enhance the quality of conversations and relationships that are so essential for leadership effectiveness. 



What Our Clients Say

“The Ontological Coaching program is built on a solid theoretical foundation and the combined approach of working with language, emotions & the body has transformed my approach to coaching. The experience will change your life and open up an enriching opportunity of exploration and development. Not only is it helping my business by bringing in some original ideas …. It’s changing my way of being and its opening up new long-term career development options.”           

Andrew O'Shea, Ireland

“This is undoubtedly the best investment I have ever made in my career and life generally. The Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program has supported me end-to-end through a massive transition in my life circumstances and way of being, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a profoundly meaningful program. It is extremely gratifying to see the positive impact that the ontological approach has had on my clients in the relatively short time that I have been applying it.”

Chyonne Kreltszheim, Australia

“The Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program is one of the best and most intense programs I have done so far. It is valuable for every coach and trainer and provides helpful concepts, methods and techniques. Especially the concept of our way of being, helped me to develop myself and my way of coaching. I can’t imagine to not work on all three levels (language, body and emotions) anymore. The program will change your life and it will help you to become more successful in whatever you want to achieve.”

Stefanie Thies, Germany

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