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Resources, Articles and Case Studies

The Ontological Coaching Institute is a world leader in the publication of articles, papers and books.

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Ontological Coaching Resources

The Ontological Coaching Institute is a world leader in the publication of articles, papers, and books on the applications of Ontology for Coaching, Organisational Transformation, and Personal Development. The following are available on this site:

Audio & Video Resources

Audio & Video


Alan_Sieler_Radio_Interview_2017Artist Name
00:00 / 39:16
Karen_White_Ontological_Coaching_Complete_AudioKaren White
00:00 / 31:08
Karen_White_Ontological_Coaching_Complete_AudioKaren White
00:00 / 31:08



TAS-047-Alan-SielerAlan Sieler
00:00 / 1:09:22
Observing Differently & the Power of Ontology with Alan Sieler (Part 2)Alan Sieler
00:00 / 47:54
Alan Sieler Podcast RealAlan Sieler
00:00 / 39:47
The Ontological Leader Podcast: It's Time for Change, where do we start, with Alan SielerAlan Sieler
00:00 / 35:04
Observing Differently & the Power of Ontology with Alan Sieler (Part 1)Alan Sieler
00:00 / 38:22

Lyn Traill – Sizzling at Seventy: Victim to Victorious

Lyn relates a very moving story of the indispensable role Ontology has played in overcoming violence and abuse as a child, teenager, and adult and in her moving from feeling herself a victim to feeling victorious in life.

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Further Reading

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Nicky Howe – Better Relationships With Those You Lead

Based on years continually applying Ontology to hone her leadership ability, Nicky has written an elegant book in which she distils the essence of crucial ontological concepts and models for high quality management and leadership.

Meditation CDs

Resources / Ontological Meditations – CD Series

These CDs were recorded live by Peter Thorneycroft at Ontological Coaching Workshops run by Newfield Institute.

Peter has been an Ontological Coach since 1994, a hypnotherapist and teacher of self-hypnosis and meditation since 1986, and a psychologist since 1976. His experience is evident as he elegantly guides the listener's meditations in order for them to become more powerful observers of the observer they are; skillfully generating many possibilities for transformational shifts in their Way of Being, thus facilitating their becoming more the way they want to be.

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Ontological Meditations 1

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Ontological Meditations 2

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Ontological Meditations 3


Read the interview with Alan Sieler featured in The Australian newspaper - July 2010

The Interview: Alan Sieler »

The founder and director of Newfield Institute explain how his coaching and the organizational consulting company uses philosophy and biology to improve corporate bottom lines...

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