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Coach Training

Explore our programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced coaches.

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Our Coach
Training Overview

A three-day foundations workshop and an Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program are accredited by the International Coach Federation are available in Australia, Asia, Europe, South Africa, UK and the USA. Both courses are suitable for beginner and experienced coaches.

In our coach training we partner with you to:

  •  Build your capacity so you can motivate and develop others

  •  Create a personalised relational environment to support and nurture your learning

  •  Blend theory and practice into a seamless experience

  •  Provide rich experiential and practical approaches that you can use immediately


Professional Coach Training

Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action

The globally renowned three-day foundation workshop introducing a powerful new approach to personal and organisational coaching.

Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program

One of the world's few leading edge and in-depth coach training programs, currently available in Australia, Asia, South Africa, Europe and the UK.

Advanced Ontological Practitioner Program

Advanced modules for graduates of Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program.


What Our Clients Say

“This course is not simply a coaching course or a leadership course, it is an experience in wisdom. I have walked away from this course with more than only “knowing” about coaching or leadership. I apply my ontological learning to every aspect of my personal and professional life on a daily basis. It is not only an in-depth coaching course; it is a course that could very easily, significantly and permanently change society’s understanding of how leadership and life can be approached”.

Deanne  Duncombe, Australia

“The Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program has been a rigorous learning journey and a life-changing experience. My ability as a coach has been greatly enhanced and I believe I have something of great value to offer my clients. I am grateful to my wonderful teacher, Alan Sieler, who is an incredible source of knowledge, wisdom, humility and warm humanity. I am grateful for the intellectual rigour, and the shifts in my way of being - all three domains of it - my language, moods and emotions and my body.” 

Getti Mercorio, South Africa

“I cannot begin to describe the impact this course has had on me – it is profound! The timing was impeccable given my redundancy that occurred just a few weeks prior to our first workshop. It is mind-blowing to look back over the past 18 months and acknowledge all the changes that have occurred in my life. This has included setting up my own business, training to be a yoga instructor, running corporate leadership training programs, team coaching, personal coaching, executive coaching.”

Virginia  Morris, Hong Kong

Completing the Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program enables you to

Develop a high level of coaching expertise, capable of facilitating profound positive change.

Use the ontological approach to business improvement in organisational coaching and consulting.

Gain a coaching qualification that is globally transportable from one of the world's most respected coach training programs.

Develop leadership excellence by leading authentically with greater influence and impact.

Engage in deep self-transformation by iapplying the power of the ontological methodology to self-coach.

Develop more constructive and mutually fulfilling relationships in your personal and professional life.

The above promises are supported by the hundreds of successful Ontological Coaching Institute trained ontological practitioners who are globally active across five continents. The Institute's coaches facilitate all our training. They bring to every course their deep knowledge of how people learn and change, the strength and delicacy of the Ontological Coaching methodology and our reputation, based on over twenty years of training coaches on five continents.

Ontological Coaching explained by Alan Sieler

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