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Executive Coaching 

Ontological coaching for effective leadership and management

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Beyond being

The growing volatility of organisational life, characterised by relentless change and increasing uncertainty and instability, has resulted in the increased complexity of senior and mid-level leadership roles. Coaching that provides tools, tips and techniques is no longer sufficient to meet the requirements for effective leadership and management.

What is required is the development of:

Mental agility in the continual development of new ways of thinking

Physiological self-care in the management of health and energy

High quality communication and behaviour that generates required outcomes.

Emotional composure in the midst of often unsettling situations

A constructive nonverbal presence in engagements with others

The ability and willingness to collaborate and build trust

We have a unique holistic coaching approach, called Ontological Coaching, that supports organizational personnel develop these requirements. We do this by coaching to the whole person and their Way of Being. We employ a powerful non-psychologically based approach that respectfully gets to the heart of how individuals and groups function, learn and change.

Leaders and managers are able to:

Be more creative and innovative

Facilitate the development of high performance teams

Deal successfully with change

Enable effective cultural transformation.

Develop talent and leadership capacity in others

Build trust and create effective teams

We have ontological coaches throughout Australia and in South Africa, Asia, Europe and the UK available to speak with you if you would like to find out more about how they work with you and other personnel in your organisation.

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