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Join us for a 2 hours session that explores this deep transformational coaching style for coaches, leaders and managers

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Free Ontological Coaching Introductory Session


Tuesday Aug 29, 7pm SAST

Tuesday Aug 8, 7pm AEST

Join Karen White or Alan Sieler in a 2 hour introduction to the ontological approach to coaching and leadership.    

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What Our Clients Say

“This course is not simply a coaching course or a leadership course. It is an experience in wisdom. I have walked away from this course with more than only ‘knowing’ about coaching or leadership. Through the papers, the opportunities, and an incredibly patient and supportive approach from those who lead it, this course has given me so much. It is not only an in-depth coaching course; it is a course that could very easily, significantly and permanently change society’s understanding of how leadership and life can be approached”.

Deanne Duncombe, Australia

“The Ontological Coaching program is built on a solid theoretical foundation and the combined approach of working with language, emotions and the body has transformed my approach to coaching. The experience will change your life and open up an enriching opportunity of exploration and development. Not only is it helping my business by bringing in some original ideas …. It’s changing my way of being and its opening up new long-term career development options.” 


Andrew O'Shea, Ireland                                                                                                                                                 

"My learning journey has been nothing short of remarkable! The way I observe myself and the world has been transformed. I feel more empowered to deal with life’s challenges and I have a greater sense of agency to craft a life I choose. The universal human principles of care, dignity and legitimacy purposefully contain and hold the learning environment - and together with the humility and authenticity of the very accomplished course leaders, make for a deeply meaningful and unique learning experience for which I am ever grateful. 

Tracey McBain, South Africa

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